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What color clothes are popular in 2021 2021 clothing color trends

Abstract: The low-saturation sans-culotte color was a big hit in fall/winter 2020 and will continue in spring/summer 2021 to create textured and wearable pieces. what color clothes are popular in 2021? Based on the observation of several spring/summer fashion weeks, the popular colors for spring/summer 2021 are on the natural side of shades, and color-wise, next spring/summer will be colorful. You can imagine how bright and shiny the colors will be next spring and summer after going through the gloom of the epidemic. Here are the 2021 clothing color trends, take a look. A, 2021 clothing trend color trends

2021 top ten clothing trends latest popular clothing styles 2021 clothing popular elements

Puff sleeves are gaining traction here in the 21 year fashion trend, the new feminine theme is taking the Asian market by storm and the continued popularity of the puff sleeve detail, updating the still popular puff sleeve look with drop shoulder swell sleeves or pleated leg of lamb sleeves, in addition to traditional woven shirts, the use of puff sleeves on knitwear is also popular; soft volume exaggerated silhouettes bring retro style, r translucent material puff sleeves combined with suits to create a dramatic look, puff sleeves are everywhere on the runway, which makes us reflect on the duality of fashion trends and life in Spring/Summer 2021.

Clothing size comparison table Clothing size comparison table

One of the reasons why many people do not like online shopping is that they are not able to try on the spot to determine if the size is right. In fact, in our country, whether women's clothing men's children's clothing or lingerie, a variety of clothing are common industry standard size control table. Understand clearly these size models correspond to the size, so online shopping is no longer afraid to buy unsuitable clothes!


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