Children's clothing style classification What style of children's clothing is more popular

儿童服装风格分类 什么风格的童装比较流行

儿童服装风格分类 什么风格的童装比较流行

儿童服装风格分类 什么风格的童装比较流行


Children's clothing style classification

The style of children's clothing is a combination of the overall style, color, fabric and ornaments of children's clothing, which is the inner meaning and temperament of the clothing expressed by the appearance form of the clothing. It is quickly transformed in the surface information of the garment from the visual image to the spiritual outlook of the garment. The pursuit of style is the pursuit of a mood. The beauty and charm expressed by the unique style of children's clothing is reflecting the inner quality of children.

Children usually by personality and upbringing to choose their favorite clothing, in order to achieve the style of self-dressing, and often, gradually form a personal style and dress taste, and affect the ideology and moral quality of children. Therefore, for the healthy growth of children, adults have to understand the current style characteristics of clothing and children's personalities, hobbies, to help children choose the right clothing, establish a healthy sense of aesthetics, and establish a correct world view. Children's clothing styles are endless and varied, in a sea of clothes, there are mainly the following styles of children's clothing.

(A) Sports and leisure style

Sports are children's favorite activities, or playing ball, or swimming, or ice skating, or hiking ...... in the sunny nature, children's mind and body will be well cared for. Sports and leisure style clothing meets the desire of children's sports and adapts to this need of children's life. Right now there are already moving freely swimming costumes, diving suit-style baby clothes, simple and generous sports school uniforms, lively and lovely dance costumes ...... they often have zippers, wanted lines, embedded edges, but also with exaggerated pockets and multi-layer, closed, protective type and other style features to show the casual style. The most important feature of athleisure style clothing is that the style is loose and easy to move, followed by its comfortable fabrics and natural use of color, expressing a relaxed, free casual dressing effect.

(II) Urban fashion style

Modern children living in the city are easily influenced by popular colors, fashions and celebrities in their choice of clothing, and these children pay close attention to the sense of fashion in their dress. The popular styles of adults are also reflected in them. The modern pace of life has also prompted children to step into fashion earlier. Under the influence of adult fashionable clothing such as denim, ethnic, rustic and hippie clothing, urban children's clothing is fashionable and casual, combining abstract art, photo art, traditional art and cartoon art, forming some rough and bold and delicate and exquisite, urban fashion style children's clothing styles, either with changing linear stripes, or exaggerated cartoon patterns, or simple geometric figures, or Or with the traditional small flowers, in knitted pullover, flared pants, fashionable skirts and casual shoulder bags and other clothing to show the modern urban fashion style.

(C) Avant-garde cool style

Modern children's clothing is influenced by the international art of applying high-tech achievements to clothing, as opposed to orthodox ideas. From the 1960s Canaday City street culture, the 70 offspring of the illusion of art, the 80s beggar clothes and other styles of clothing evolved into a modern style of children's clothing with exciting, open and bizarre effects. These avant-garde children's clothing designers have fused various modern avant-garde art styles, late Picasso art styles and post-modern deconstructionist styles to form a modern hyper-conscious imagery of children's clothing. They used new textures of fabrics, computer printing, high-tech production techniques, or hand-painting, and expressed the avant-garde and cool artistic ideas on funnel bodysuits, various low-waisted pants and low-waisted skirts, various jacket garments, pockets, belts, sunglasses and fingerless gloves, forming cool and avant-garde outdoor clothes, including biker street clothes, walking At the cutting edge of the popular celebrity clothing, the past years of the old traces of clothing, silver shiny cosmic clothing and so on.

(iv) Traditional doll style

This clothing is a very old traditional style, is a feminine girl dress, some people call it "princess dress", this style is an ever popular. It first originated from Western aestheticism, with a waistband of x-shaped style, with lantern sleeves and lantern-style fluffy skirt style, plus decorative ruffles, ruffles, openwork patterns and embroidered patterns. In the winter clothes to choose red and white or blue and white tartan fabric made of such a style, and then with white short socks, and the girl's hair is best long hair, tied into a bow hair band to bundle the hair behind the head, the forehead smooth with a little fluffy and curly hair, the whole dress like a beautiful doll. This style of girls' clothing highlights the gentleness, innocence, cuteness and beauty of little girls.

(E) modern wild boy style

This style is designed specifically for those who fight, "seven suspicious eight do not love" the style of boys and designed by the beggar suit, casual wear, sportswear development. This clothing is often overly fat, loose and casual, often made of knitted flannel, denim and those resistant to dirt, wearable labor cloth. Little boys wear those rolled up pants edge of the jeans, multi-purpose pockets of the small military, five-star hat, running shoes, with his small pistol, binoculars, the whole attire with a few wild, childish and lively energy. Some little girls also like this attire. They cut their hair into male hairstyles, disheveled and free, and boys like jumping and jumping, just like a "fake boy" kind. This wild boy style clothing is good for the physical and mental health of the child, so that the child's mind is particularly relaxed, the body is particularly free. This wild boy style of clothing is particularly suitable for children to wear daily leisure time.

(vi) Academic gentleman style

This style of clothing is completely designed for the majority of contemporary urban and rural children and adolescents, usually worn in the campus of the student uniform. It is both dignified and pure, and both serious and simple. The style is simple, with smooth lines and certain strength, and the outline of the garment is straight. For men, it is a small suit or jacket with pants. For women, it is an A-shaped dress or A-shaped undershirt dress. They all emphasize the fitted cut and sharp lines; the colors are mostly dark. It combines various elements of adult professional, student and casual wear, and uses the concept of these clothes as the mainstream of design. Wearing this style of clothing, girls look innocent and dignified, and boys look reserved and gentlemanly. This kind of clothing integrates campus culture, has an important aesthetic education value, and plays a positive role in shaping a good image of students.

(VII) Folk ethnic style

This style of clothing has the flavor of rural earthiness and ethnic culture. It uses folk, ethnic and traditional decorative patterns and full of rustic fabrics or traditional hand embroidery to design clothing. Its style and shape are mostly Chinese, and the colors are mostly in contrasting colors and strong color combinations. It is often decorated with ethnic, folk and traditional auspicious objects as the decorative patterns, or with folk idioms and fables as the theme for the content, and designed and made with embroidery, cross-stitch, computerized embroidery, Chinese knots, Chinese buttons, rustic hand inches: tie-dye, piping, lace inlay and other techniques. Folk ethnic style children's clothing is best as a child's holiday dress or gown.



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