What color clothes are popular in 2021 2021 clothing color trends

What color clothes are popular in 2021 2021 clothing color trends

What color clothes are popular in 2021 2021 clothing color trends

What color clothes are popular in 2021 2021 clothing color trends


Abstract: The low-saturation sans-culotte color was a big hit in fall/winter 2020 and will continue in spring/summer 2021 to create textured and wearable pieces. what color clothes are popular in 2021? Based on the observation of several spring/summer fashion weeks, the popular colors for spring/summer 2021 are on the natural side of shades, and color-wise, next spring/summer will be colorful. You can imagine how bright and shiny the colors will be next spring and summer after going through the gloom of the epidemic. Here are the 2021 clothing color trends, take a look.
A, 2021 clothing trend color trends

Color gives us endless imagination, so that the impression of everything in our minds gradually become clear. Low saturation tone warmer neutral color: saprophytic color, in the fall and winter of 2020 received more and more attention, in the spring and summer of 2021 will continue to continue, to create a good texture and practical wearable single product. For example, neutral style suits and shirts, coats and trench coats, workwear and jackets, as well as pants, dresses, skirts, small shirts, etc. ......

Whether it is the main color or as a secondary color, it can win everyone's eyes, and other neutral color combination with it, make the look more rich and not lose the senior. As a secondary color also plays a role of icing on the cake.

Second, what color clothes are popular in 2021

From PANTONE released 2021 spring and summer color report, selected London Fashion Week trends. This season's popular colors include 10 popular popular colors, and 5 classic core colors. In terms of color, next spring and summer will be colorful. You can imagine how bright and shiny the colors will be next spring and summer after experiencing the gloom of the epidemic.

1、Pirouette ballerina pink

PANTONE 14-3205 ballet step powder, as the name suggests is like the posture and pace of ballet. Light and soft, as if hidden, rotating out of the rhythm of the dream.

After the past year of gloom and depression, in the spring of the new year, the ballet powder is undoubtedly a great comfort to us. And, this powder is not a bright and fragile pink, it is a whitish powder with little red tones. The overall appearance is very light and suitable for combining with light clothing for spring and summer. You don't have to worry about the effect on your skin tone either. Pink and white tones are the best cosmetics for women, which can perfectly reflect a light and good skin tone and can make people look light age and energetic from the appearance.

2、Pickled Pepper pickle chili green

PANTONE 16-0436 pickled pepper green, between the military green and grass green, just pick up the advantages of the two shades. Both military calm, and grass green emerald color like jade. Combined together, it is a tone that belongs to the earth, simple and full of vitality.

Kimchi chili green is more suitable for use on gorgeous fabrics, such as glossy satin, silk fabrics, to highlight the gorgeous texture. At the same time, because chili green comes with a calm nature atmosphere, it can be used on gorgeous fabrics to weaken the maturity of flashy textures. Let the whole present a more refreshing, bright feeling.

3、Purple Rose purple rose

PANTONE 15-3716 purple rose color, like the color of the first bloom of the rose, still with dewy petals, in the first sunny weather gradually stretching bloom. Soft and uncontested with a sense of freshness.

Purple rose color, without the deep purple of the dull, the overall presentation of the light purple rose petals light and comfortable feeling. It is suitable for creating an elegant atmosphere, but also has a personal distinctive fashion attitude style. Light purple used in many fashion items will look very good, especially in spring and summer clothing can play a unique sense of light purple.

4、Orange Ochre orange brown

PANTONE 16-1253 orange brown, between orange and earthy brown. Reddish in tone, is a color with the atmosphere of autumn and winter. Used in the spring and summer popular color can form a strong visual contrast, adding warmth to the spring and summer cool.

In the season of growth, this color close to the earth comes through the seasons, sprinkling warm seeds for the past of the earth to crumble. As the temperature gradually warms up, the seeds begin to germinate, grow and bear fruit. Orange-brown is also a very visually striking color from a visual standpoint. No matter what style it is used on, it will become a bright presence.

5、Beach Glass seaside glass blue

PANTONE 13-5412 is like the sun shining on the surface of the water, with the wind blowing open the circle of ripples. The surface of the water shows the shimmering color. This is the feeling that Seaside Glass Blue gives people.

To be exact, seaside glass blue belongs to the branch of aqua green. It is another word for water ripple color, with a delicate and light texture, with the lightness and softness of water. With the spring and summer season breeze blowing through, leaving the impression of spring.

6、Indigo Bunting indigo blue colored finch

PANTONE 18-4250 Indigo Bunting color, taken from the blue male phoenix color. Gorgeous and proud, stand out in the crowd. This color, especially suitable for use in flashy fabrics, is used to create a noble and elegant look.

In terms of visual perception, indigo colored bird color has both the brightness of treasure blue and the depth and nobility of dark blue. It is a color that can be used to wear to attend important events.

7、Lava Falls lava flow red

PANTONE 18-155