2021 top ten clothing trends latest popular clothing styles 2021 clothing popular elements

2021 top ten clothing trends latest popular clothing styles 2021 clothing popular elements

2021 top ten clothing trends latest popular clothing styles 2021 clothing popular elements

2021 top ten clothing trends latest popular clothing styles 2021 clothing popular elements


Puff sleeves are gaining traction here in the 21 year fashion trend, the new feminine theme is taking the Asian market by storm and the continued popularity of the puff sleeve detail, updating the still popular puff sleeve look with drop shoulder swell sleeves or pleated leg of lamb sleeves, in addition to traditional woven shirts, the use of puff sleeves on knitwear is also popular; soft volume exaggerated silhouettes bring retro style, r translucent material puff sleeves combined with suits to create a dramatic look, puff sleeves are everywhere on the runway, which makes us reflect on the duality of fashion trends and life in Spring/Summer 2021.

The trendy element of clothing is the sports style, from sweatshirts to sports style items are very hot. Spring 2021 clothing trends are based on the premise of health, sporty consumers will also demand products that fit their bodies and pursue durable and more personalized designs, they want to streamline consumption and thus will choose more multi-purpose items, producers should consider updating the original items with high-tech materials and processes to meet these consumer requirements, although we think it is unlikely that sportswear will be used as work wear, they have become one of the summer 2021 fashion trends.

Minimalist geometry
The design theme for 2021 is simplification, so this is one of the trends for the 21st year, with checks and stripes showing minimalist designs, using wide spaced pinstripes and windowpane patterns. This key point applies to shirts and dresses, presenting a colorful and fresh style. If you are doing women's wear, you can think in this direction, and for children's wear, as long as the style is simple and fresh, while dresses are the most popular in the Spring/Summer 2021 collection. Minimalist, unstructured dresses are particularly common in the brand's new season designs.

Short tops
Short designs were once a must-have popular item, and this is still the case with the spring 2021 fashion trends. There was no shortage of short tops on the runway at the Spring/Summer 2021 China International Fashion Week, which could be short vests or blazers with skirts to form a stacked wearing effect.

Craft tassels
In the major 2021 clothing trend analysis are mentioned in the craft fringe, handicraft style extended to the fringe design, can add a sense of heritage value for the summer and vacation items, in the hem of the skirt and the hem of the cardigan of the spirit of fringe and silk materials combined to create a casual and casual sense of vacation, embellish it on the corners of the jacket, romantic and gorgeous. For formal occasions, you can choose a tassel skirt as an inner wear, where the details can see your delicacy. To create a classic feeling, you have to choose dark shades of tassels, such as black or brown; if you want to be maverick and different from others, you can also try bold colors, such as red and green.

Tulle layers
Tulle is also a popular element of clothing for 2021, with breathable volume textures updating the theme of femininity and unbridled sweetness. Keep the prints minimal and pair them with seasonal staples to create a trapezoidal layered silhouette. Use sheer organza overlays for an edgy look. Semi-transparent bubble gauze, net gauze, textured organza and lace combine to create a sweet femininity. Can be used as an additional single, inside the image T-shirt, cropped undershirt and other classic items, combination sales, to create a new look, the sarong always gives a dynamic and romantic beauty, wear it, as if into the classic scenes in the film and television drama, and Romantic bump a full heart.

Soft Tie-Dye
The popularity index of tie-dye has skyrocketed in the past few years. As tie-dye is gradually saturated in the retail market, it has shifted in the direction of a softer and steamier feel, following the trend of mutation, while this soft tie-dye design is more delicate and gives people a clean aesthetic. Because tie-dye is the pursuit of a natural experience, but the tie-dye of 2021 will be softer than ever. The pattern is dyed with soft color wash halo, mainly in pink wax color, with natural color transition, more delicate compared to traditional tie-dye, which can create a more mature and advanced trend; it can be fused with abstract floral pattern, combined with high stretch knitted fabric to create feminine temperament pieces.

80s vibe
Retro has been popular in recent years, and nothing is more popular in 2021 than the 80s vibe. From a designer's point of view, the 1980s were a very eclectic time, but they have always been one of the most recognizable eras. The outrageous color palette that took place in the 1980s was so unique and memorable that even those of us who didn't live during that time can recognize it in an instant, and one of those trends is a return to one of the fashions of the 1980s - baggy pants.

Folklore style
For going out this season, you can wear these beautiful and somewhat sophisticated looking folk style jackets. Add some delicate embroidery and lace to your jacket as the weather starts to get colder and the clothes stay warmer. A plain black or brown jacket with these intricately patterned brocades works wonderfully. Or you can choose a range of other bright colors or more interesting patterns. This trend